BZRK RTD Pre-Workout Drink (12 Bottles)

Prepare to elevate your workout sessions with the all-new BZRK RTD, the ready-to-drink version of Black Magic Supply's legendary BZRK pre-workout formula. Crafted for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who demand the most from their performance, our RTD beverage is the magic potion you need to unlock beast mode in the gym.


  • Convenience: No more measuring or mixing. Grab, shake, and you're ready to dominate your workout.
  • High Potency Formula: Packed with the same explosive energy and laser-focus ingredients as our top-selling BZRK powder, including citrulline for pump, beta-alanine for endurance, and a unique blend for unparalleled energy.
  • Taste Sensation: Enjoy the delicious flavors that have made BZRK a favorite, now in a convenient, on-the-go bottle.