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Wellness Stack
Feel Good, and Sleep Better with our brand new wellness stack from Black Magic Supply.

We all know that stress is a major factor in everyone’s life. Whether that be from work, our daily tasks, not getting enough rest, or just life being hectic in general. All of these factors lower our immune system which impacts our overall wellness.

Our brand new wellness stack provides two supplements that are guaranteed to improve both areas of your life including sleep as well as getting all your vitamins and minerals.

Kick start your day with our 9 lives Beef Liver Vitamins. This product comes loaded with all your essential vitamins and minerals that you will need to keep your body health and your immune system going strong.

End the day off with our Dusk To Dawn Ultra Premium Sleep Aid which not only provides a portal to enjoy R.E.M sleep but also gives you incredible rest with no hangover effect in the morning when you wake up.