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BZRK High Potency Pre-Workout Sample - 4 SERVINGS (LIMIT 1 PACK PER CUSTOMER)

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BZRK is THE supreme pre-workout that you feel the moment you step in the gym. Its unique ingredient profile of stimulants and vasodilators will take your workouts to the next level after the very first dose.

About the Product:
Insane Pumps- BZRK is packed with pump ingredients, including citrulline malate and GlycerPump. Each of these ingredients is designed to maximize blood flow to your muscles and cell swelling to achieve massive pumps!

Tunnel Vision- BZRK is loaded with premium stimulant and nootropic ingredients to give you crazy focus and alertness in the gym!

Ingredient callout:

Citrulline Malate is THE premium vasodilator on the market. Studies show it can increase nitric oxide(NO) levels greater than arginine to yield extreme blood flow and pumps in the gym.

Beta-O is a trademarked ingredient that combines two of the best endurance-increasing molecules: beta alanine and orotic acid. Beta alanine increases levels of carnosine, the compound that decreases lactic acid buildup so you can train harder and longer. Orotic acid has been shown to increase ATP(energy), creatine and carnosine levels in athletes.

Neurofactor is the patented form of Coffee arabica extract that increases BDNF(brain-derived neurotrophic factor, a protein in your brain that repairs and regenerates neurons in your brain by 143%!

GlycerPump is a trademarked form of glycerol powder that can dramatically increase intracellular water retention. This leads to crazy pumps, cell swelling and prevents dehydration during your workout.

Suggested use: Use on training days only. Mix 1 serving with 8oz of water prior to your workout. Do not exceed 1 serving in a 24hr period.